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EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Google ain’t playin’ this year…

Google has been playing it safe for the last few years, and its worked for them… I guess. They’ve been carrying mostly the same design language on all of their devices for a bit now. Something simple, nothing too crazy, with most of the focus on the software. Because that’s what Pixel is. It’s just a vehicle for stock Android to be just that. Stock Android. 

But this year is different. Because this is the new Pixel 6. 

Now just as I do with all of my major design leaks, I was sent actual images of this device. I had more images for this than most of my other leaks. High quality, detailed images from the source. So obviously, huge thank you to them. We had a lot to work with here, including real-life, hands-on images. To protect the source, instead of releasing those images and potentially exposing them or their location, I once again reached out to my render artist of choice, RendersbyIan and gave all of the images to him so that he could recreate the device in a 3D render. This way we get to make sure that the source is well protected, while still being able to give you your first look at an unreleased product. That way, everyone wins and everyone is safe. 

So what at you’re looking at are actually two different devices. This is the Pixel 6 (left) and the Pixel 6 Pro (right). You read that right. I’m being told that they’re doing away with the “XL” naming and going with “Pro” instead — and it makes sense. “XL” just implies “same phone, but big”, whereas “Pro” implies that you’re actually getting more for your money. And, man, Google is getting aggressive this year.

I mean, if it weren’t for the images that I saw, including actual hands-on with this device, I probably wouldn’t have even believed this. But it’s real. This feels like a hail marry device from Google. Something totally new and aggressive from them. I don’t know, it even kind of looks like the actually tried. With the regular Pixel 6, you’ll have two cameras, as we tried to show you here:

On the larger Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll have 3 cameras. To be transparent with you, all we had were images of the device, not a spec sheet. So I don’t know what type of cameras those are, which is which, or any of the specs for that matter. 

Remember that orange color on the Pixel 4? I like that it looks like they’re bring back that same the orange color for Pixel 6. It’s like the orange from Pixel 4, mixed with the dual tone colors from Pixel 1 and 2. 

Lets not dance around this display either. The bezels look super thin. The glass curves around the edges a bit and we have front facing camera at the top. Again, don’t know the specs on that. Important to mention that there’s also an in-display fingerprint reader on this.

Ya know, all this really got me wondering… why would Google be getting so aggressive with this phone? Why the sudden change in design language? Like, this actually feels like they cared this year. But why? Then I remembered this.

We know, thanks to 9to5Google, that Google is creating their own chip for this phone.

9to5Google can report today that Google’s upcoming phones for this fall, including the presumed Pixel 6, will be among the first devices to run on the “GS101” Whitechapel chip.” 


The “GS” in GS101 stands for Google Silicon.

So if Google is putting that much attention into their own hardware, like developing their own silicon for their devices, it makes total sense that they also want to give the outside of the device a complete design overhaul. Sort of reinvent the Pixel. Something new and fresh to bring in their own custom chip.

We even went as far as to recreate the device wallpaper that we saw in the images, which obviously looks like it’ll be part of future marketing images. We didn’t take any liberties here. I had Ian recreate exactly what he saw from top to bottom. What you’re seeing is what we saw. Even the clock and weather layout. 

But wait, there’s more. 

See, we had multiple images of that orange color. The regular Pixel 6 had a white body to it. Personally, I prefer this look. And the 6 Pro has this like… washed out orange color on the body that I’m not a huge fan of. We didn’t want to guess on any other colors. We just wanted to recreate what we saw. 

There was, however, one other variation that we saw. 

This. This like, Champagne type polished design. We had some incredible hands on images with this one and it looks nuts. Like it looks way too good to be Google. It also looks like it costs many monies. Like the polish on this reminds me of the iPhone Xs quite a bit.

I can imagine that this is gonna start up a lot of speculation about what Google is doing here and what we can expect from Pixel 6, because this sort of changes things a bit. Last year, Google went sort of mid-range on everything, including the Pixel 5. And this new design makes it look no that way for this year. This looks like a premium device.  

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