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This Pixel 6 Case Is Already on Amazon… And They’re Using My Renders LOL

This looks… familiar

As far as I know, Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro won’t be available until sometime near October, with the Pixel 5a coming to the US and Japan in August.

That, however, doesn’t stop case manufacturers from jumping the gun and posting their cases on Amazon already. That’s exactly what has happened, in this… case. Get it?

Sucnakp has officially listed their “Pixel 6 Pro Case Google 6 Pro Case Shock Absorption Anti Scratch Heavy Duty Durable Drop Protection Cell Phone Cover for Google Pixel 6 Pro(LT Black)” case.. yep, that’s the full name.

The funny part about this listing, though, is that they’re using my Pixel 6 Pro render for their product image 😂

Back in May, I leaked the full design for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, along with reporting that “Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro” would end up being the naming for these devices. I had received many pictures of the real product from some very trusted sources, and I gave those images to render artist RendersByIan to create 3D renders based on the images, to protect the sources.

Since the devices aren’t out yet, it looks like Sucnakp just used our product renders to show off their Pixel 6 Pro case. You can tell because 1.) It looks like our renders of the product, and 2.) Oh, also it still has our watermark on it LOL

The watermark that’s clearly still visible says “JON PROSSER X RENDERSBYIAN” — Jon Prosser (that’s me) and RendersByIan (the talented 3D render artist that worked on the project for me).

Here’s the render they used:

Nice product images, Sucnakp! Better hope my renders were accurate 👀😂

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