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It Happened: OnePlus is Ruined

OnePlus goes deeper into the as*hole of Oppo


OnePlus has always been a sub-brand of Oppo, but in this newly leaked memo found by Evan Blass, talking points in form of PR memo confirm OnePlus is going even deeper into Oppo’s butthole.

Last week OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said in a OnePlus forum post that the company would “further integrate our organization with OPPO” and just a few days later, put out these talking points explaining what that meant:

Screenshot of leaked memo found by leaker Evan Blass

Among some of the more interesting points in the memo, the portion marked “Important Note” at the top addresses the importance of NOT responding to any questions relating to OS or ColorOS and goes on to offer a more canned/safe response:

“We currently do not have any updates regarding the operating systems. Please stay tuned to our official channels”

– OnePlus PR memo PR response in regards to possible OS changes brought about by the OnePlus Oppo integration.

This memo also addresses Lau’s role as chief product officer at Oppo and his responsibility for the product strategies of both Oppo and OnePlus:

“Pete is the founder of OnePlus. Meanwhile, he also acts as Chief Product Officer at OPPO, overseeing the product strategies of both Oppo and OnePlus.”

-OnePlus PR memo on CEO Pete Lau’s role in regards to OnePlus Oppo integration.

While OnePlus has always been under Oppo’s umbrella, this memo further confirms that relationship. By officially acknowleding OnePlus as a sub-brand of Oppo, they hope to be “more efficient” in their operations while maintaining the OnePlus brand as its own independent entity.

“The OnePlus and Oppo brands will continue to operate independently of one another”

– OnePlus PR memo on OnePlus and Oppo brands

Let’s hope that’s true and OnePlus is not ruined.

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