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2022 ‘iPhone 14’ Max to Cost Just $900, Come With in-Display Fingerprint Scanner – Kuo

Ming-Chi Kuo has published a new note to investors, as seen by 9to5Mac, and dropped some deets for next year’s set of iPhones.

As I’ve previously reported, this year, we will get a “mini” device — but Kuo believes that next year, the iPhone mini will be getting abandoned in a McDonalds, like how my dad left me.

Kuo says to still expect four new iPhones, but in different sizes:

  • Two regular/base models, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch
  • Two Pro models, 6.1inch and 6.7 inch

He repeats his earlier report that the 2022 iPhones will include a fingerprint sensor under the display, saying:

We reiterate our previous key specifications forecast for 2H22 iPhone models, namely that Apple will launch two high-end iPhones (6.1″ and 6.7″) and two low- end iPhones (6.1″ and 6.7″) in 2H22.

We believe the growth drivers for the new 2H22 iPhones will come from 1) the potential for under-display fingerprint support (using Apple’s own technology), 2) the lowest price ever for a large (6.7″) iPhone (we expect it to be under USD 900), and 3) a wide camera upgrade to 48MP for high-end models.

Ming-Chi Kuo

The report from Kuo hits on something veerrryyy interesting, though… Price.

The current running price for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is sitting at $1,099. But Kuo believes that since the new base-model devices will be 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch, Apple will be price that larger base-model at just $900USD. 👀

The current iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch) is $1,099 — so this would give customers a phone with the same size, minus the “Pro” for $200 less (math is hard). What would this be called? iPhone 12… Max? Just “Max”?

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