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Report: iPhone 12S Event Happening September 14th

Concept renders by RendersByIan

According to a new note from Dan Ives via Wedbush, seen by Barrons, Apple plans to announce the iPhone 12S series in the third week of September.

Here, look! A calendar:

As you can see from the very fancy calendar provided, the third week includes Tuesday, September 14th. iPhone events typically happen on Tuesdays, so without actually saying “September 14,” Dan Ives certainly means September 14th.

Considering Apple’s history, this could just be a very easy guess. 😂 This falls in-line with exactly which days Apple typically picks for Events. It was only going to be either of the 2 middle weeks of September, so Ives has a 50/50 shot even, if it is just a guess.

Either way, September 14th is the safest assumption.

It’s worth noting, however, that Dan Ives also agreed with me about a MacBook Pro at WWDC, claiming that both the 14-inch and 16-inch redesigned M1X MacBook Pros were coming at the event.

We… uh, we were both wrong.

So take this one with a grain of ass hair. K? K. He’s probably guessing.

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