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Apple Watch Series 7 Coming With a Double-Sided Chip? Maybe, Baby

Double-sided chip technology rumored for next-gen Apple Watch series 7

Jon Prosser and @ReendersbyIan

According to a paywalled preview of a DigiTimes report accessed by MacRumors recently, the next generation of Apple Watch models could feature a double-sided chip.

As you may recall, our EXCLUSIVE included full renders of the next Apple Watch Series 7 with the most notable change coming to the chassis of the watch. Sporting the same flatter more squared-off edges as the latest iPhone model – iPhone 12, there’s no doubt this next generation of Apple Watch is more modern than ever.

Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan
Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan

Other notable changes mostly concerned an upgrade to the screen, with smaller bezels, plus a change to the side button.

Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan
Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan

But is the undercarriage as sexy? Well, according to that paywalled DigiTimes report accessed by MacRumors, the answer would be yes. Apple Watch Series 7 could feature a smaller “S7” chip, potentially providing more space for a larger battery or other components.

The next-generation Apple Watch models (according to the report) will adopt double-sided System in Package (SiP) packaging from Taiwanese supplier ASE Technology. On its website, ASE Technology confirms the possibility of such technology by stating that its double-sided technology allows for module miniaturization, paving the way for a smaller “S7” chip. Naturally, although it all lines up, we can’t confirm it would be integrated into the next-gen Apple Watch lineup until Apple themselves confirm it.

Screenshot of ASE Technology’s website

Advanced health features like body temperature sensing, blood glucose monitoring, and alcohol level monitoring (where was this when I needed it *cough couch alcoholic here*) have also been rumored for a future Apple Watch, but these features are considered unlikely to be ready for Series 7 models this year.

Another feature possibly put on hold is a body temperature sensor. According to Bloomberg, Apple wanted to put this feature into the Series 7 watch but has decided to push it back until 2022. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that the Series 7 watch could have new swim-tracking features, but details of these features were not provided. The Apple Watch already measures distance, laps, and splits, but Apple could implement stroke detection and other higher-end tracking features.

If the past is any indicator, the next-gen Apple Watch series 7 could be expected in September, in line with the past several generations of the device. As for the cost, the Series 7 is expected to cost as much as the Series 6, starting at $399 for the standard 40mm version.

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