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Samsung’s MWC 2021 Event: How Do I Get 31 Minutes of my Life Back

Samsung Galaxy MWC 2021 virtual event was mildly interesting, at best

Samsung Galaxy MWC 2021 virtual event

No Samsung Galaxy Watch announcement; however, Samsung held their Mobile World Congress event virtually this year, which focused on Samsung smartwatches and how the company is “enhancing security.”

If you’re a fan of wearables, the stream was at best… mildly interesting.

“bUt cOrInA, wHy wRiTe ArTiCLe iF miLdLy InTeReStInG?” Good question. Honestly, like others, I thought it’d be more interesting. What can ya do.

Among some of the more interesting points, we finally got a look at what the new operating system could look like when it launches later this year.

Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy MWC virtual event 2021
Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy MWC virtual event 2021
Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy MWC virtual event 2021

Back in May, Google and Samsung announced a partnership featuring a “unified platform” in wearables. Their goal? To take on Apple Watch lol. Jokes aside, the true goal of the partnership was to essentially create a way for devs to build apps for both Wear OS and Tizen at once. The deal makes sense from that perspective. Third-party apps have been something of a sticking point for both companies.

More to the point, this year’s Samsung Galaxy MWC virtual event showcased what a partnership with Google may well bring for the Samsung Galaxy Watch – a smoother more sleeker operation.

“The new interface is designed to make the Galaxy Watch and smartphone experience more deeply connected. Samsung also confirmed that One UI Watch will be available for Galaxy Watch on the new, unified platform it jointly built with Google, bringing performance enhancements, a more seamless experience between the Watch and Android smartphones, and access to an even greater number of applications. Samsung further revealed that its upcoming Galaxy Watch will be the first to feature the new unified platform and One UI Watch, which will make its debut at the Unpacked event later this summer.”

– Samsung News Room

Mildly interesting as that is, perhaps Mobile World Congress 2021’s stage was not big enough for the announcement of the next Samsung Galaxy Watch.

If you missed it, it’s ok. It was sh*t. If you like sh*t, watch the entire virtual event below. I don’t judge.

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