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iPhone 12s Videos Will Look Like a Movie, According to New Report

YouTube: EverythingApplePro

Among a few freshly circulated rumors about the iPhone 12s, one has particularly caught my attention. We know about the usual bigger battery and better camera, but the latest rumor, spawning from an EverythingApplePro video with Max Weinbach info, reports on how the iPhone 12s could feature support for Portrait mode video. This would create the same beautiful dynamic bokeh effect you get in Portrait mode static images and adds it to your videos.

Pretty soon, all those 4th of July firework videos, you so carefully recorded, making sure to catch the grand finale, that zero people will watch, can be shot in this movie-style Portrait mode. Yay.

Lastly, Weinbach reports in EverythingAppleHoe’s video that this new Portrait mode video will be coming to the stock camera app as part of the next-gen iPhone launch this fall. Just in time for all those Xmas videos of who knows what, that literally zero people will watch.

Currently, Portrait mode is available in iOS 14 for static images only. iOS 15 on the other hand, brings Portrait mode video to FaceTime and other third-party camera applications like Snapchat.

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