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New HomePod Software Update Makes the Thing Overheat and Die. Enjoy! :) [Update: FIXED]

UPDATE Jul 12, 2021: Today, Apple rolled out a new version of audioOS 15 — giving beta users a fix to the overheating issues. So, if you had to turn your HomePod or HomePod mini off while you waited for a fix, here you go. Go download it so you can use your sh*t again!

Original story below:

Users on Reddit and social media are complaining of their HomePod overheating after downloading the newest beta software for HomePod, audioOS 15.

Betas are not for everyone, but HomePod beta software in particular… definitely not for everyone. Usually available to invited users only, audioOS betas can come with their own issues, just as beta software for your iPhone or, well, anything else.

If you really wanted to find it, though, apparently a quick Google search can lead you to install a profile that will allow you to run the newest beta on your HomePod or HomePod mini.

A new post on Reddit warns users to unplug their HomePod if it begins overheating, to attempt to stop further hardware damage. Since you’re kinda not even supposed to have the beta software on your HomePod, it’s worth noting that Apple will not cover damage done to it caused by the software.

This isn’t typical overheating — this is causing the logic board to effectively fry itself, killing your device entirely.

So, yeah… I guess we agree with Reddit (for once). Unplug your HomePod and wait for another update to fix this bug. Orrrr, ya know, how about don’t install beta software on your f**kin HomePod?


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