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Kuo: Mini-LED Display Coming to the Redesigned MacBook Pro Later This Year; MacBook Air With New Display Next Year


We recently reported about our colorful MacBook Air leak coming in 2022 according to Twitter users Dylandkt, but in a new Ming-Chi Kuo investor note obtained by MacRumors, he reinforces that new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros will enter mass production in the third quarter of 2021 with Mini-LED display technology.

MacBook Pro

We’ve been hearing rumors of the MacBook Pro coming for quite some time *cough WWDC*, but all new recent reports seem to be lining up with the last half of this year. Just a few weeks back we covered a report from DigiTimes stating that Apple plans to announce its redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro featuring mini-LED displays, an all-new design, and a faster Apple silicon processor in September of this year. This would suggest the MacBook Pro would release alongside the new iPhones.

According to Kuo, while mass production may begin in the third quarter, which runs July to September, Apple may decide to hold a separate event for the Mac in October or November, rather than tying the new MacBook Pros with the release of new iPhone and Apple Watch models.

Similar to the Mini-LED iPad Pro in April, because of continued shortages and struggles with the production of mini-LED displays, Apple may announce the new MacBook Pros but not yet begin shipments until weeks later.

Based on previous reports including other reports from Kuo, the new MacBook Pro will have a “flat-edged design” similar to what we’ve seen in the latest iMac, iPad Pro, and iPhone 12 designs. Apple also plans to bring back more ports to its laptop Pro, such as HDMI, SD card slot, and even MagSafe. This machine is also expected to have a more powerful M1X chip, the first evolution of Apple Silicon in Macs since M1.

MacBook Air

Kuo’s latest report also mentions that Apple wants to adopt the same technology in the next generation MacBook Air. However, that should only be announced sometime in 2022.

This is lining up with an earlier report we covered by Twitter user DylanDkt that said the new MacBook Air will likely be the first with an M2 chip (not the M1X, which will have a more advanced GPU focused on the Pro lineup). Dylan also corroborated our colorful MacBook Air leak and said it will be available in multiple colors, just like the new iMac.

Front Page Tech and Renders by Ian

As with every leak, take it with a grain of as*hair. We have zero confirmation as to when the next launch of the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air will be. Stay tuned though, maybe we’ll get a new leak that Jon Prosser will bet his eyebrows on.

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