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I Guess Fu*k “The Next Several Weeks,” Apple Announces New MagSafe Battery Pack

The tech-news Gods have answered our prayers, not really


Listen, I almost always include my weird, unorthodox exclaimer of “take everything with a grain of as*hair,” and this is exactly why. Contrary to what we were expecting, Apple has announced a couple of new products to lighten “the summer doldrums.”

I know not every leak can be correct and even we get stuff wrong worthy of some eyebrow shavings, so when we thought we could get a new MacBook Pro at WWDC or “as soon as this summer,” I didn’t hold my breath.

That being said, today, Apple has announced a brand-spankin’ new ‘MagSafe Battery Pack’ that launched via their website.


Their newest product was launched with a decent price point of $99 and is designed to work with the entire iPhone 12 lineup. That is, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Basically everything with… MAG-O-NUTS!

The MAG-O-NUTS (MagSafe) Battery Pack attaches…magnetically. Imagine that. It snaps into place magnetically to the back of all iPhone 12 models that have MAG-O-NUTS built-in to keep their shi* in place and aligned.

It appears to be covered in this very modern-looking silicon coating and is available in only white. While on the go, it can charge an iPhone at 5W (about the same as an older, square iPhone wall charger and slower than the 15 watts you get from a regular MagSafe charger) and at 15W while plugged in and attached. The Battery Pack and the iPhone can be charged at the same time through a lightning cable attached to the Battery Pack at 15W with even faster charging with a 20W charger.

Apple is conveniently recommending a 20W or higher USB-C Power Adapter and USB-C to Lightning Cable for charging the ‌MagSafe Battery Pack‌.

The Battery Pack‌ can also be charged through the ‌iPhone‌ only if the ‌iPhone‌ is plugged into a power source. Apple is suggesting users might want to charge this way if the ‌iPhone‌ needs to connect to another device while charging.

Apple has not released official battery life estimates or charge capacity, but a product photo seems to suggest that the MagSafe battery has a 1460 mAh, or just under half of an iPhone 12′s 3110 mAh battery, HOWEVER, this tweet from Andru Edwards speculates that there may be TWO of those 1460 mAh cells in the battery pack itself, making it a crazy-sounding whopping 2920 mAh?


Like other Apple accessories, it closely integrates with the iPhone’s operating system to show additional battery life in iOS.

In the past, Apple has released battery-extending cases, but without MagSafe. Apple’s smart battery cases have needed to physically plug into the iPhone’s port to charge it and give additional battery life.

A support document page shows iOS 14.7 or later is required to use the accessory while charging status can be viewed on the Home Screen or in the Today View through the Batteries widget.

New color options for AirTag Keychain accessories was also announced.

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