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DAY RUINED: No, the Redesigned iPad mini WILL NOT Have Mini-LED

New report from more accurate source says 2021 iPad mini WILL NOT have Mini-LED

RendersbyIan | Front Page Tech

Now this makes more sense. If you’re keeping up with the latest iPad mini rumors, just yesterday we put out a report with DigiTimes stating that the next iPad mini will be featuring a Mini-LED display. According to AppleTrack, they carry a 63.5% accuracy rating.

Today, display analyst, Ross Young, who carries a whopping 100% accuracy rating, says that while the next-gen iPad mini is still on track for release later this year, Mini-LED will NOT be coming to the iPad mini this year.

Young says he “confirmed” with Radiant Opto-Electronics, who DigiTimes claims would provide Apple with the display. Even with Young’s 100% accuracy rating and DigiTimes claiming the opposite, it’s important to note that Apple suppliers are usually highly secretive about specific details regarding their clients, especially high profile clients like Apple.

We stated in the DigiTimes article yesterday that a more reliable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, had incorrectly predicted that the Mini-LED iPad would be launching in 2020. That leak fail was most likely due to the raging pandemic during that time. While his timing was clearly off and with conflicting reports about that feature coming at all to the next iPad mini, it’s too soon to say who is correct at this point.

Conclusion: Take everything with a grain of as*hair.

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