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High-End iMac ‘Pro’ Coming in 2022, NOT at the End of This Year

New leak from tipster Dylandkt on Twitter says no new iMac Pro this year

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A little under two weeks ago, in his semi-newly established newsletter “Power On,” Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman touched on what we could expect with the larger redesigned Apple silicon-powered iMac that is to replace the current 27-inch Intel model.

Although he mentioned the possibility of an equivalent size increase as what we saw with the smaller model that went from 21.5-inches to 24-inches, he did not report anything about when we could expect that bigger and higher-end model to drop.

There has been some speculation about the possibility of it coming at the end of this year, but most believe that with the date shift the beer flu – Corona Virus – created with Apple’s entire product launch schedule, 2022 sounds more likely for the release of the refreshed iMac Pro.

Yesterday, avid Twitter leaker Dylandkt, who has an 81.3% track record according to AppleTrack, tweeted that the high-end iMacs would NOT be launching at the end of this year.

With news about other major product releases slated for Q4 of this year like the new iPhone and Apple Watch 7, this would make sense as Dylandkt explains: “Apple simply does not want their devices to compete for attention.” If they released it in Q4, Apple would be releasing it alongside the other M1X Macs, like the much anticipated redesigned MacBook Pro.

Although this lines up logistically, take it with a grain of as*hair.

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