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Apple Reports Q3 2021 Earnings – $81.4B of DOOM

Apple just wrapped up their earnings call for fiscal Q3 2021 (April-June) and the company is up 36% year-over-year. Reporting a total of $81.43B billion in revenue and $21.74 billion in profit.

“This quarter, our teams built on a period of unmatched innovation by sharing powerful new products with our users, at a time when using technology to connect people everywhere has never been more important. We’re continuing to press forward in our work to infuse everything we make with the values that define us — by inspiring a new generation of developers to learn to code, moving closer to our 2030 environment goal, and engaging in the urgent work of building a more equitable future.”

– Tim Cook

This is an absolute INSANE amount of money and a new record for Apple’s Q3 earnings.

Broken down by product, here’s what each category earned:

  • $39.57B: iPhone (Up 49.7%)
  • $8.24B: Mac (Up 16.38%)
  • $7.37B: iPad (Up 12%)
  • $8.78B: Wearables and Accessories (Up 36.12%)
  • $17.49B: Services (32.90%)

Tim Cook, as CEO, has made Apple a tremendous amount of money since Steve Jobs departed from the company. Whether or not you think that Apple is less innovative than before, there’s no doubt that Apple is better off now with Tim Cook, than if Steve Jobs were still CEO. Seems like a good time to remind you about this video 👇

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