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Apple’s U.S. Online Store Temporarily Down, Not Sure Why [Update: Back Up]

UPDATE: it’s back up with no new products added


As of right now, Apple’s online Apple Store is down and attempting to access it shows the image above.

Seeing as how it’s a Tuesday evening and no new Apple products are expected to be released, this could just be a temporary maintenance outage not related to any new product release. The Apple store app is down as well.

Graph below from Downdetector shows it went down right at 6:00pm CST, possibly scheduled? 👀

Downdetector as of 6:42pm CST

Updates will be provided below as they become available 👇🏼

FINAL UPDATE: It appears to be back up with no new changes to the Apple Store product line up BUT there does appear to be a small Apple Store redesign.

Apple Store after outage today

UPDATE: our readers show this same “be right back” message for stores in Mexico, Spain, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy, France, and Japan. I’m not adding anymore countries because it looks like ALL of them 😂

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