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Heads Up: You Can Now Buy Apple’s Magic Keyboard With Touch ID by Itself, BUT There’s a Catch

Excited about purchasing Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Touch ID? Not so fast there, spunky


Apple is finally selling their Magic Keyboard with Touch ID as a standalone purchase! But wait, there’s a catch. Unless you have an M1 Mac, this thing will be as useless as I am without my cracked-out energy drinks when I wake up. I don’t actually sprinkle crack in my…or do I?

Moving right along, there’s two versions available for anyone to buy. The first comes in at $149 as the standard version, and the second comes in at $179 for the full-sized model with numeric keypad.


This is all thanks to one of my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE creators on YouTube, Rene Ritchie, who first spotted this on Twitter. Side note, if you’re not already subscribed to him on YouTube, what are you actually doing in life? Me? I sprinkle crack. Go sub, or don’t. I don’t really care.

The Touch ID feature on a Magic Keyboard was introduced alongside the colorful M1 iMacs that we leaked you. Leaked to you? Leaked on you? Wat? During that time, you could only get one by purchasing an entire new iMac set up.

Fast forward to today, anyone can now buy one of the nifty new Touch ID keyboards without purchasing a whole iMac set up. What’s that saying? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? This is that. The milk. Except it’s not free. The milk, in this case, cost $149, or $179 if you want your milk with a numeric keypad.

So that’s great, right?! Touch ID keyboard for everyone! Not really. Just the “everyones” with an M1 Mac, sorry. The reason for that being, as was the case with the Magic Keyboard model that shipped with the M1 iMac, you can only use the Touch ID biometric sensor with a M1 Mac. The list of M1 Mac’s include Apple’s most recent MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and current iMac models. Let’s end this weird article with some good news, shall we?

For those with an M1 Mac that just have to have their accessories matching, today, Apple has also offered an updated version of the Magic Trackpad for $129 with the same rounded edges the Touch ID keyboard has.


Unfortunately, both the keyboards and the trackpad continue to use Lightning ports to charge, and include a woven Lightning to USB-C cable. Oh, and you still can’t buy one in the beautiful colors the new iMacs come in. I tried to end on a positive note. There was an attempt.

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