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44% Of Current iPhone Owners Plan to Upgrade to iPhone 13, Says Worthless Survey

iPhone 13 render by RendersByIan

According to a new — very official and definitely not just from a small, targeted number of people — survey from SellCell, “44% of iPhone users intend to upgrade“.

According to the report, SellCell asked iPhone users 1) if they planned to upgrade, and 2) which “rumored” feature they were most excited about.

The results are as follows:

  • Higher refresh rate display (120Hz) – 22%
  • Under-display Touch ID – 18.2%
  • Always-on display – 16%
  • Smaller notch / notch-less design – 10.9%
  • Bigger battery capacity – 8.3%
  • More storage space (1TB) – 8.1%
  • Improved camera features – 6.6%
  • New color options (orange, pink, etc.) – 4.1%
  • Faster processor (A15) – 2.4%
  • Reverse wireless charging – 1.5%
  • Faster WiFi 6E connectivity – 1.1%
  • Portless design (fully wireless) – 0.8%

All of that boils down to this: 43.7% of all people surveyed plan to switch to the iPhone 13.


The issue with this? Well, take a look at the graph images above and peek at the number of users who were surveyed. Yep. 3,018 people.

While I see the fun in surveys like this, to pose this as “44% of iPhone users intend to upgrade” is disingenuous. What this should actually be titled is: 44% of a super small, targeted amount of users on this one website familiar with tech rumors say they would upgrade to new iPhone, and saying that you would upgrade costs much less than actually doing.

There are more than 1 billion active iPhone users. Roughly 2 billion iPhones have been sold since launch in 2007. SellCell surveyed 3,000 people. THREE THOUSAND. That’s it. The average iPhone buyer — average Apple customer — is not following these leaks / rumors, nor do they care. I’m sure the iPhone 13 will do well and ship a ton of units, but it won’t be 44% of iPhone users.

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