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Kuo Agrees: Redesigned MacBook Air Coming With Multiple Colors, Launching 2022


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A newly redesigned MacBook Air is coming in 2022.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The new MacBook Air will be redesigned and come in multiple colors.

This all sounds familiar because this is the third time that Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that the new MacBook Air is coming in the middle of 2022.

Here’s one time he said it.

Here’s another time.

The colors thing? You’ve heard that right here, from us, in this exclusive report from May 10th.

Front Page Tech and Renders by Ian

Anyway, in a new investor note seen by MacRumors, Ming-Chi Kuo reiterates that the redesigned MacBook Air is coming in the middle of 2022 with an “all-new design”, a mini-LED display, with a flatter top and bottom edges.

Interestingly, Kuo also mentions to expect the new MacBook Air to come in “several color options” — something that A LOT of Apple fans want, and matches exactly what we reported back in May, on

According to the report, Kuo wasn’t sure if Apple will choose to continue selling the current M1 MacBook Air of if Apple will opt to discontinue it altogether.

It’s great to see Kuo so consistent with his launch prediction and it’s even nicer to see him back up our report.

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