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LEAKED: Pixel Fold Shows Up in Android 12, Further Confirming Its Existence

Concept by Waqar Khan

Google has been very vocal about unreleased products this year. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, they confirmed our Pixel 6 and 6 Pro report, themselves.

But there is one device they have not confirmed, nor have they said anything about its existence, ever: Pixel Fold, the mysterious folding Pixel device codenamed “Passport”.

But in this new leak, Twitter user @Cstark_27 shows that “Passport” is referenced in official Android 12 beta source code:

This, at the very least, confirms that the foldable Pixel does exist and is still in development at Google. Because of the nature of the leak in the source code, it appears that the “Pixel Fold” device may ship with the same 5G modem that’s coming with Pixel 6, meaning this foldable Pixel may not be that far away from release — we can expect that it’s no more than a year away, assuming development doesn’t stall.

Seeing as it’s popping up in source code, I’d expect that we would start seeing bigger and better leaks regarding this device. Maybe some product renders sooner than later… 👀

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