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T-Mobile HACKED: Personal Data From All Customers Being Sold for $283,000

Hack includes phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses and more

According to a new report from Motherboard, a hacker claims to be in possession of the sensitive, personal data from over 100 million T-Mobile customers. Though T-Mobile has not yet confirmed the legitimacy of this claim, they are investigating after the hacker posted on an unnamed, underground forum.

Speaking directly with Motherboard, the hacker said they were able to get their hands on “full customer info” for T-Mobile’s customers, including phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, names, IMEI numbers, as well as drivers licenses.

How, exactly, did this person get all of this compromised data? Well the person claims that they had access to “multiple servers related to T-Mobile” — and they’re trying to sell off that data, too.

Currently asking 6 BTC, worth just over $283,000 USD, the hacker hopes to make absolute bank off of this stolen personal info.

As of now, the hacker claims to have already lost access to the T-Mobile servers: “I think they already found out because we lost access to the backdoored servers” — so it sure seems as though T-Mobile has found the cause of the breach and shut it down. The damage seems to already have been done, though…

It’s important to note, however, that T-Mobile says they are “investigating” and have not fully confirmed the scale of this breach.

“We are aware of claims made in an underground forum and have been actively investigating their validity”

– T-Mobile

I’d like to point out that T-Mobile, as far as we know, has about 100 million active customers, which implies that this hacker was able to secure the personal data of literally all of T-Mobile’s subscribers — making this a very huge deal.

Unfortunately, that’s really all the information we have on the breach and seeing as the hacker is obviously willing to talk to news publications to get attention, I’m sure they’ll update us on whether or not they successfully sell the personal data of over 100 million customers…

UPDATE: This data breach has now been confirmed by T-Mobile

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