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The Latest iPad mini 6 Leak is a Sussy Baka

Latest iPad mini 6 leak is…something and xleaks7

In a new SUPER sus and SUPER sketch leak by the same leaker who said the iPhone 12 would look like the image below, a supposed mold of the next-gen iPad mini has emerged showing what appears to be thinner bezels, larger camera, and volume buttons…on the top of the device.

It’s indiscernible whether this case mold corroborates our Touch ID in the power button leak, but I think it’s safe to say they probably don’t know either. Before you get your thongs in a wad about that, keep reading so you know why I’m saying it.

This leak comes via website in collaboration with the leaker in the tweet above named xleaks7, who’s track record is…a sussy baka. The thinner bezels and larger camera line up, however, the volume button placement on the side, not so much.

When we gave you our “Exclusive: First Look” at the next-gen iPad mini, I want to reiterate what was in that article: Our renders, in collab with multiple sources and the very talented render artist, RendersbyIan, were based on both CAD files as well as real hands-on images of the newly redesigned iPad mini 6. Based on that, this is what we came up with:

RendersbyIan | Front Page Tech
RendersbyIan | Front Page Tech
Renders by Ian | Front Page Tech
RendersbyIan | Front Page Tech
RendersbyIan | Front Page Tech

Notice the volume button placement on the side of the device. Their case mold leak relocates the volume buttons to the top of the device, something Apple has never done on an iPad before. That being said, our leak is still just that…a leak.

Poking around multiple Apple forums, the possibility of the volume button relocation has been discussed and theorized. One strong theory states that because the iPad mini is gaining Apple Pencil support, a leak that we gave you and is depicted in our render below, this could be the reason for the volume button relocation: to make room for the Apple Pencil.

RendersbyIan | Front Page Tech

The more reliable source, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, has also agreed with the thinner bezels by claiming the next iPad mini will have “narrower borders,” also noting the “removal of the home button.”

“The updated iPad mini is planned to have narrower screen borders while the removal of its home button has also been tested.”

– Mark Gurman, via Bloomberg

A couple more things. First, it’s worth noting that in the case mold leak, there’s what appears to be room for a “flash,” a feature that’s never come to any iPad mini, ever. and xleaks7 case mold of the iPad mini 6 leak shows “flash”

Second, not too long ago, this very same leaker, xleaks7, gave us this gem of an iPad mini 6 leak below. Notice the IN-DISPLAY Touch ID on the iPad mini 6. It’s also the reason I said it’s safe to say “they probably don’t know either.”

xleaks 7 render of the iPad mini 6 with… in-display Touch ID

Lastly, we reached out to a couple of the sources we worked with to give you a first look at the iPad mini 6 by sending them these case mold images. One replied back with “lol no,” while the other simply said “side” when asked about volume button placement on the iPad mini 6.

I usually say take leaks with a grain of @sshair but this one is many of my @sshairs. Take this leak with a grain of many of my @sshairs and/or maybe also, don’t take it at all, you sussy baka.

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