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Apple Planning Multiple Events in September, says Digitimes

According to a new paywalled report from Digitimes, as seen by MacRumors, Apple has multiple events scheduled… for September.

Unlike last year, where we got to see three separate, pre-recorded Apple events, today’s Digitimes report claims that Apple will instead “host a series of product launch conferences in September,” stuffing multiple product releases into the same month.

Okay. Can we start talking about how this makes absolutely no sense, now? This fall, Apple has quite a list of products queued up:

  • iPhone 13 lineup
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • AirPods 3
  • iPad mini 6
  • iPad 9
  • MacBook Pro

If these products were all to launch in the same month — September — Apple would most likely just give us one, massive event.

The “multiple events in September” scenario that Digitimes has described seems very unlikely to me. Not to mention it would be a total press nightmare.

But let’s talk about the main reason as to why this is highly unlikely: the Digitimes report comes from… Digitimes.

Currently rated at just 61% on AppleTrack, Digitimes has the track record of a game of “paper, scissors, rock”.

Typically, the sources that provide inside information to Digitimes are fairly accurate, but the information gets lost in translation with Digitimes. Perhaps they misinterpret the information they are given, who knows — but their bumpy track record makes literally anything they report questionable.

If anything, maybe they were told that Apple would hold an event in September, but ALSO release one or two products via press release? That’s just speculation, on my part.

The chances of Apple holding MULTIPLE events in September? 61%.

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