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iPhone 13 – NEXT MONTH WILL BE CRAZY! TWO September Special Events!

EP. 1069 – iPhone 13 – NEXT MONTH WILL BE HUGE! Multiple September Special Events! Download the CAD for “Generic Smol Tablet” which, for legal reasons, is definitely NOT iPad mini… 👀… This episode was sponsored by our friends at WeVPN! Get an extra 10% OFF by using the promo code “FPT”

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2022 iPhone 14 in AR, bonus renders, and full-res press images


Back in May, we gave you your very first look at both the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. The super unique design...


You’ve seen the rumors. You’ve seen the renders. Today, you’re getting your first look at real-world photos of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra device. We...


Chinese website iPhone 13 pre-order date lines up nicely with information from our own sources