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Leaker: Apple Watch Series 7 Coming in Larger 41mm and 45mm Sizes

Newest Apple Watch Series 7 leak gives us possible sizes for the upcoming next-gen Apple Watch release this fall

Jon Prosser and @ReendersbyIan

According to a leaker on the popular Chinese social media platform, Weibo, the upcoming Apple Watch will be sporting more than just the boxier redesign we “exclusive’d” you back in May.

According to the post, the next-gen Apple Watch will be sporting a larger case size of 41mm and 45mm for the smaller Apple Watch model and the larger Apple Watch model, respectively.

Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan
Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan

Known as UnclePan, the leaker’s post literally translates to:

“I vaguely think that the two models of this year’s Apple Watch Series 7 are 41mm and 45mm in size. The old and new models have common straps”

– Peter Pan

Considering the watch’s redesign with more squared-off edges, the size increase appears to make sense, though due to the fact that it’s a mere 1mm, it’s hard to judge from just renders. Every time the Apple Watch has been redesigned, there has been a size increase. I should also point out that he did use our renders in his post.

Weibo user UnclePan’s post

Originally, the first Apple Watch was offered in 38mm and 42mm case sizes. In 2018, when the Apple Watch Series 4 was released, Apple upgraded the watch with new features, a larger display, a case size increase from 38mm to 40mm for the smaller model, and a size increase from 42mm to 44mm for the larger model. If this leak is correct, that would imply another size increase for this year’s Apple Watch series 7 model that would go from 40mm to 41mm for the smaller model, and an increase of 44mm to 45mm for the larger case model.

He does state in his post that the new Apple Watch will “have common straps” with the old Apple Watch models implying that the older Apple Watch bands will be compatible with the larger Apple Watch Series 7.

As far as the colors, while we can’t be too sure of ALL of the colors coming to the next Apple Watch, we did get a look at a spicy green color based on real life images of that particular case color.

Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan

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