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New Leak Claims to Show ‘iPhone 13’ Name on Official Packaging

New leak from Twitter user shows what could be the name of the next-gen iPhone

Twitter user @duanrui1205

According to Twitter user @duanrui1205, he’s “not a leaker” and has no “first-hand information” but has posted a photo from Chinese social media site, Weibo, that appears to show official packaging with the name “iPhone 13” printed on it.

While we can’t tell what part of the packaging it is or if it belongs to any officially packaging at all, it still looks pretty interesting and even appears to have the correct font that Apple always uses.

Many speculated early on that Apple would skip the “iPhone 13” branding because of the negative stigma surrounding the number, but Apple’s known to march to their own beat.

The history of the unlucky number 13 dates back centuries but in 1911 the term “triskaidekaphobia” was coined as the fear of the number 13 as a phobia. Even in modern times, the number’s looked down on by many hotel chains that choose to skip naming the 13th floor “13.” Damn, if it isn’t “trypophobia” it’s “triskaidekaphobia.” Apple just can’t seem to win.

Either way, it’s still very possible Apple could name the next iPhone after such a stigmatized number and surprise all of us with an “iPhone 13.”

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