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“No Chance” That Apple Watch Series 7 Has a Blood Pressure Sensor

Jon Prosser and @RendersbyIan

Back in May, we gave you your very first look at the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. The Watch features a brand new design, with flatter sides and a flatter display.

In that report, all we knew at the time was how the Watch physically looked — having no insight on what features were on the way. But for quite some time, Apple fans have been hoping for a blood pressure sensor to come to Apple’s wearable.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that 2021 will be the year for that.

In a report from Nikkei Asia yesterday, they claimed that the Apple Watch Series 7 would in fact be getting the new blood pressure sensor, as rumored — but a far more reliable source, Mark Gurman, has stepped in via Twitter to crush all of your hopes and dreams.

When asked if this year’s Watch would include the blood pressure sensor, Mark simply replied, “no chance.”

It seems that this year, Apple’s only focus for Apple Watch include a brand new esthetic redesign.

Who knows, maybe next year?

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