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There’s One More Apple Event This Year, For M1X MacBook Pro and iPad mini 6

Mark Gurman expects just one more event this year.


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously reported that there would be “multiple fall events” this year, just as there was last year, but it was unclear whether that meant two or three fall events.

Now that Apple’s September “California Streaming” event is official, (happening tomorrow) Gurman took to Twitter saying: “There will be two events, and I’d expect the latter to be Mac + iPad. iPhone/Watch Tuesday.”

Mark’s Tweet was in response to a user asking him to clarify his reports on MacBook Pro. He previously stated that they would be coming in the “next several weeks”, and the user was asking him to be more specific.

While Mark’s answer doesn’t do much in terms of clarifying the timeline, it does let us know that 1). We shouldn’t expect MacBook Pro at the September iPhone event, and 2). There will only be one other event to follow this one.

It’s still unclear whether we should expect that second event in October or November.

Mark’s inclusion of “Mac + iPad” most likely means the long-awaited M1X MacBook Pro (14 and 16 inch) as well as the newly redesigned iPad mini 6 — something that we gave you an exclusive first look at back in June.

This isn’t quite as exciting as last year — when we had three fall events — but seeing as the iPhone isn’t delayed this year, it makes sense to have two, and I’ll be happy with two events.

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