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The First Hands-On Video of iPhone 13 is on YouTube! And It’s From… Apple



That’s right, Apple is coming in HAWT with a new approach this year, posting the first iPhone 13 official hands-on video with iPhone 13.

Earlier today, on their official YouTube channel, Apple posted a 7-minute “Guided Tour of iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro” featuring the Tower Theater Apple Store in LA.

It’s actually really well made and not cringe at all — which is shocking 😂

The video goes over each of the four models rather quickly, giving users reasons and use cases for each specific device and how each could fit into their lives.

Of course, if you already pre-ordered your iPhone 13 today, this will not help convince you 😂 but it is nice to see a hands-on of the devices, other than the Apple Event itself.

As for when you can expect more hands-on videos from your favorite YouTuber / media website, I actually shared the embargo date and time over on Twitter a couple of days ago:

But for now, Apple’s video is the best you’re gonna get! Enjoy.

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