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Gurman: M1X MacBook Pro Launching This Month

The M1X MacBook Pro saga is nearly over… According to Mark Gurman, via his Power On newsletter, Apple is gearing up to launch them at an October Apple Event.

The MacBook Pro wait is likely almost over: The new MacBook Pro didn’t appear at Apple’s September product unveiling, but it should still be launching in the coming weeks. Apple typically does its major new Mac introductions in October. So stay tuned. 

– Mark Gurman

Of course, none of this is technically a surprise. We’ve known about this Mac event for a while, but this does narrow down the timeline a bit better.

“The Apple M1X chip, the likely name for a more graphics-intense and professional-focused M1 chip, is indeed still on tap for 2021. We’ll likely see it show up first in a new range of MacBook Pros in the next month and a higher-end Mac mini at some point. The M1X has been developed in two variations: both with 10 CPU cores (eight high-performance and two high-efficiency) and either 16 or 32 graphics cores.”

– Mark Gurman

It’s looking like Apple is going to have a super busy month, with multiple products reportedly on the way.

M1X MacBook Pro, Mac mini and AirPods 3 are all expected by the end of the year.

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