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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Have Been Down For Hours [UPDATED]

Ummmm wat



Everything slowly coming back up as of 15:08 EDT

Finally, after reading all the memes over on Twitter before it went down too, we’re here to very officially cover Facebook (FB), Instagram, and WhatsApp being down for hours now.

Midday Monday, FB, Instagram, and WhatsApp all suffered outages, according to public statements from three FaceBook services:

Downdetector, an outage tracking website, logged thousands of reports for each of the services, while FB’s own site would not load at all for about an hour on Monday.

Down Detector


While the reason for the outage was not immediately clear, we here at Front Page Tech headquarters were left speculating it was all part of Alex Jones’ world domination scheme. Okay, maybe not. However, at about 1pm ET, Cisco’s internet analysis division, ThousandEyes, stated on Twitter that its test indicated the outage due to “DNS failure.”

Multiple security experts were also quick to point out a possible Domain Name System (DNS) problem as the culprit.

There has even been speculation that Anonymous, a hacker group, was behind this outage, but with Twitter being down now to, it’s looking more and more to be a DNS problem. That, or Twitter wasn’t ready to carry all the worlds social media needs lol.

Story developing. Stay tuned!


Facebook back up as of 16:08 EST!

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