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Twitter Will Warn You When You’re About to Reply to a Conversation Full of Babies


Twitter is testing a new feature that will let you know when you’re about to reply or engage in a conversation that is full of a bunch of little baby bitches.

In other words, they’ll let you know if the conversation could get “heated” or “intense” to make sure you really wanna send that reply.

Twitter calls this a “work in progress” and displays two examples:

  1. A “Heads up” prompt, warning you that the conversation could get intense
  2. A “Let’s look out for each other” prompt, asking users to empathetic and act like a human.

This is currently in testing for users on iOS and Android, but it’s not clear just how many users are participating in the test, so you either see it… or you don’t.

My take? Fu*kin lame 😂

If you really put that much stock into social media, you shouldn’t be using it. The whole point of social platforms like Twitter is discussion.

Read before you reply and you won’t need to be warned that the conversation could get “heated”.

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