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Apple Announces October 18 Event, But We Still Might Not Get M1X…


Apple made it official today and announced an event for October 18 — A MONDAY, by the way — at 10:00am PDT. Monday events are rare, to say the least, but this ensures that Apple doesn’t share a day with Google’s event.

We knew this was a thing, but it’s nice to finally have an official date set.

What’s coming? The much anticipated MacBook Pro, of course! The infamous MacBook Pro saga of 2021 is nearing an end — with perfect timing, because current MacBook Pro units are almost completely unavailable and out of stock in every Apple Store location.

According to Twitter user @dylandkt, who has a proven track record, we can expect MacBook Pro at 14″ and 16″ with:

  • Mini LED display
  • Smaller bezels (no “MacBook Pro” text at the bottom)
  • 1080p webcam FINALLY
  • Base models will have 16GB of RAM
  • Base models will have 512GB of storage
  • Pricing will be “similar between 14 and 16 inch”
  • Will include a new power brick

The weird part is… it’s been so long without an M1X chip that Apple may skip it entirely…

This tweet from Mark Gurman speculates that Apple may have to jump straight to M2X just to keep up with the branding for the M2 chip coming in next year’s MacBook Air.

As for what else to expect, Apple still does have to get a couple more products out the door. AIrPods 3 and Mac mini are still on the list, so let’s hope we get both next week!

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