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BRUH! MacBook Pro With 120Hz ProMotion Mini-LED Display Coming at Next Week’s Apple Event


We got the official event invite from Apple earlier today — set for Monday, October 18th.

Obviously, we’re all expecting the brand new M1X / M2X MacBook Pro models, but WHAT WE WERE NOT EXPECTING IS THIS:


According to Ross Young, who currently has an accuracy rating of literally 100% on AppleTrack — the new MacBook Pro models, both 14″ and 16″ will have mini-LED displays with ProMotion up to 120Hz.

At first, this came as a reply to a tweet from Max Weinbach — but left people question if he was referring to this year’s MacBook Pro… as in, the ones coming next week.

After Max Tech host Vadim Yurev asked for further clarification, Ross did repeat his claim.

BRO. BRUUUUUH. If this was coming from anyone else, I would be skeptical, but Ross Young has never been wrong.

120Hz on MacBook Pro is gonna be SO COOL.

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