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Apple November Event “Unlikely”, Says Mark Gurman

There’s nothing left to release this year…


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, via his Power On newsletter, Apple will not be holding a “special event” in November.

“I wouldn’t expect a third event this year or any other major announcements. Apple held three events last year because Covid-19 caused delays and disrupted its schedule. If Apple had any more Macs to launch this year, it would have announced them this past week—even if they wouldn’t be shipping until later this year. There’s really nothing else left of substance in the road map that would be ready for 2021.

– Mark Gurman

Last year, we got three EXCELLENT events in the fall — one in September, one in October, and another in November. That had everyone wondering if we’d see the same this year. The answer? Apparently not.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, as both of Apple’s fall events this year were absolutely packed. With Apple’s Mac event already out of the way this month, there really is no need for a third event — and also… there’s nothing left to release.

It’s looking like our next major Apple event will happen more towards March / April of 2022.

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